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This program allows customers to maximize recycling with little effort, Keeping recycling separate for the value the products.


To meet the demands of the professional contractor, LWS is ready to take on the big jobs and handle your special construction needs.

Waste Services

LWS can design a service that's tailored to your every business needs All customized to meet the needs of your business.

Business and Commercial Services

At Louisiana Waste we put Best Management Practices in place on a daily basis with our customer’s best interest in mind while complying with environmental compliance. Our team of professionals will ensure that your waste is handled in the most responsible manner at all times. This will allow you to have peace of mind of your waste stream being disposed of properly. Our management team is highly trained; we run our business with high efficiency and professionalism while maintaining a local mindset. This gives us quicker turn around and allows us to customize our service to your individual needs. This means you can be confident in knowing that our goal is to exceed your expectations and accommodate any business needs you may have now and in the future.


Louisiana Waste is dedicated to maintaining and exceeding industry equipment standards. This will provide the dependable service you need and deserve, and also give you the satisfaction that comes with dealing with a local professional company that provides true value for your investment Louisiana Waste provides a range of front load containers in a variety of sizes and styles. Also we can provide ANY COLOR at your request. Our containers meet high standards of quality. We will provide the level of service needed by your business as your needs change.

Service Standards / Customer Service

At Louisiana Waste, we are dedicated to Customer Service standards. We are equipped to meet the needs of all our customers. Our employees are trained to meet these standards, no matter what service we provide, this allows you and your employees to enjoy consistent and reliable service. You can feel confident that Louisiana Waste we will go to great measures to ensure Customer Service Satisfaction. Our local representatives are available to communicate with you daily. Our trucks are radio-dispatched and can respond to your service requests quicker and accommodate any special needs you may have. This means that your company can enjoy immediate, uninterrupted service and give you more time to concentrate on other business issues.

Safety and Training

We are very proud of our safety program and employee’s effort to serve our community safely. It is our goal to be the safest in the industry and exceed the industry standards. Our drivers are trained to be alert for dangers and unsafe situations on and off your property.


Louisiana Waste can provide your business with LOCAL PRICING, NOT THE BIG CORPORATE RATE AND THOSE UNFORGETABLE MONTHLY FEES. We pride ourselves in having the fairest rates in the METRO AREA. You can be confident that your rate is fair for the services provided.

Our local team of highly experienced solid waste service employees understands the depth and detail that goes into managing waste stream projects. Please, give us a call, we are your local connection.

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